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He says I belong to him, and I'm too afraid to argue.

When I track down the last person to see my mother alive, I'm not prepared for the arrogant, grumpy, hot-as-sin asshole who answers the door.

So I do what any red-blooded woman in my position would do.

I pretend I'm here to polish his enormous…clock.

My plan was to go undercover just long enough to find the evidence I need for the police to reopen my mother's case.

Days later, I'm still trapped in this house of lies.

Maybe it's the fact that he's a billionaire, or that a single glance from his dark eyes sets my ovaries on fire, but I keep finding an excuse to stay.

Even when he starts stalking me in his own house.

Watching me sleep.

And making me do things I don't want to.

I should have left when I had the chance.

Before he started calling me 'toy' and using his belt to punish me.

Now I'm losing my mind... and it's too late to escape.

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"Secrets and mysteries and just one too many players that are not afraid to kill to keep their secrets. Which makes these books my favorite to read."

Serpents of Cinderhart

Serpents by Logan Fox is a depraved dark bully reverse harem romance

Indulging your every Dark Romance need...

Logan Fox, author of deliciously dark romance books, including bully, mafia, new adult, age gap, and reverse harem romance books. View latest releases, grab free bonus content, and get information on trigger warnings for each book. Want to say hi? Hop over to the contact page!

Dark romance author Logan Fox

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