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Catching Fyre

Catching Fyre

Serial Killer, Stalker, M/F

I unleashed a monster, and he won't stop until he gets what he wants. Me.

Tall, dark, and psychotic Professor Gideon Fyre did the impossible, making me whole again after I'd been so brutally broken. 

But just as a happy life, a safe life, beckons on the horizon, Fyre's nemesis takes me captive. 

He forces me to become a plaything for him and his depraved friends and it's all because of Fyre, the possessive stalker who stole my sanity, then my heart. 

I know Fyre loves me. I know he'll try to save me. 

But he doesn't know that it's a trap. 

I'm the bait. Fyre is the catch. 

I only hope the monster I unleashed in Fyre can end this maniac before we lose each other...forever.

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