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Dark Deeds

Dark Deeds

Everyone is born a sinner. Some rise above it. Others embrace it.

On the day he should have uncovered a treasure trove of intel on the Irish Mafia, vigilante Kane Price wakes up in the arms of a provocative woman he's never met before.

Agony claims what they had was just a one-night stand, but when she's summoned to Owen Morrison's manor - the very Mafia enforcer Kane had been tracking - Kane realizes she's intrinsic to his mission.

As Agony brings him closer to Owen, strange events unfurl around him; events he's part of, but which he can't remember.

Soon, things begin spiraling out of control, and Kane is faced with an impossible decision.

Should he remove himself from Agony and Owen's depraved influence and risk failing his mission...or stay and let the blackest part of his soul consume him.

8mm meets Crash in this wickedly depraved tale of hedonistic excess.
Contains dark themes, triggers, and explicit content. Mature audiences only.

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