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Dark Devil

Dark Devil

The Devil made him do it.

Every year, hundreds of children disappear in Mallhaven. Hunter Hill is determined to find out why.

Disturbingly, no one seems to care about the missing children - not even the parents, who often leave town shortly after.

But if Hunter's to take a seat on the Council of Nine, then he wants to do so in a town free of corruption.

Digging deep into Mallhaven's festering underbelly will be the only way to find the root of this evil.

And there's no greater cesspit than the Messianic Church of Solomon.

Hunter knows the Father is involved and he will prove it; all he needs is a little help from his friends.

They won't help willingly, but he's ready to persuade them.

Even if it means risking a decade-old friendship... and the love of his life.

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