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Dark Ties

Dark Ties

What price would you pay for your freedom?

When young Ziggy meets a charismatic stranger online, he changes her world forever. Together, they map out a plan to free her from the cold, loveless home she's trapped in.

But when Ziggy arrives in Mallhaven, intent on marrying Andrew, he's nowhere to be found.

Desperate to stay in Mallhaven while she searches for her true love, Ziggy accepts work on a cannabis grow op hidden in the mountains where she's taken captive and held against her will.

When a kind stranger tries to free her, they discover they've been enmeshed in a vile and twisted plan orchestrated by the very man she fell in love with.

Now, a terrible price has been set on her freedom, and Ziggy has precious little time to decide if she's willing to pay it.

This darkly disturbing continuation of Dark Hunter is not for the faint of heart. Proceed with caution.

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