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Fyre and Ash

Fyre and Ash

Age Gap, Captive, Student Teacher, Stalker, Serial Killer

For years, my art therapy classes have provided solace to trauma survivors. 

I’ve never questioned my motives before. Then her file crosses my desk. 

Charlotte Ash. 

Battered. Bruised. Broken. 

The devil who kidnapped her put this girl through seven days of hell before she could escape. 

The torture she suffered shows in her dead eyes. Eyes that brighten with hope when our gazes lock. 

She’s drawn to me. 

And I’m obsessed with her.

I’m her teacher, but instead of healing her, I’m stalking her. 

Instead of distancing myself, I’m watching her sleep at night. 

It’s for her protection. To keep her safe from harm. 

I will kill for her. 

But the only monster hiding under her me.

From USA Today bestselling dark romance author, Logan Fox, comes a deliciously dark and twisted stalker romance collection. Fyre and Ash contains all three books in the series, along with exclusive bonus content. 

* Playing with Fyre

* Under Fyre

* Catching Fyre

* Bonus content from the Fyre & Ash world

Trigger Warnings: This book contains graphic sex, violence, assault, abuse, murder, stalking, voyeurism, exhibitionism, knife play, breath play, primal play, age-gap, a possessive/obsessive morally grey antihero, dub-con, torture, drugs, suicide ideation, bondage, captivity, humiliation and degradation, mental illness, somnophilia. Please proceed with caution. 

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