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Savage Hero

Savage Hero

I should have killed her. Instead, I kept her.

What does the son of a drug lord usually do with the assassin who tried to kill his father?
I'll tell you what they don't do.
They don't kidnap them. They don't lock them up and keep them as a pet.
But I've always been ruled by my impulses, by my need for violence and release.
Nyx Gray only has herself to blame for landing on my radar.
I didn't even know she she's all I can think about.
Her fierce eyes, her delicious curves.
The right hook that broke my nose the first time we met.
I should get rid of her, but I'm enjoying her company too much to release her back into the wild.
She'll just have to accept that she belongs to me. That she's mine.
And if it takes another broken'll be worth it.

Savage Hero is the first book in the Crime Family Affair Series, a dark mafia romance series. This book ends on a cliffhanger, and contains scenes of graphic violence, murder, and other mature content. Reader discretion is advised.

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