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A few months ago, I was just a regular nineteen-year-old girl.
Now I'm trapped at a remote college and held at the mercy of three savage bullies.
No one can see through the Serpents' Adonis-like disguises.
Except me.
I've never felt this alone before. This terrified. This...furious.
These three murderers stole everything from me.
They think the humiliation, the degradation, the suffering they've put me through has left me broken?
Guess again, Serpents.
You might be stronger than me.
You might be untouchable.
But you took everything from me, so now I have nothing left to lose.
This game of yours? I'm playing to win.
I know exactly how to make you grovel at my feet.
But I won't forgive you. I will break all three of you.
Starting with your black hearts.

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