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Wild Angel

Wild Angel

I’m her only hope. She’s my greatest weakness.

I told myself a long time ago that women had no place in my kill-or-be-killed world.
I had rules: don’t get distracted, don’t get tied down, and don’t get weak.
But then Nyx comes along and breaks every single one of those rules. All tempting curves, blue eyes, and as ruthless as I am.
I should have killed her. The gorgeous assassin was after my own father, for God’s sake.
But instead of killing her, I saved her from a rival cartel.
Now she needs my help. Again.
I was weak before. I can’t get caught up in her again. Not when my enemies know me as a savage killer.
My rules have kept me alive and in power. Breaking them again could have the wolves at my door.
Or worse, hers.
But instead of pushing her away, I keep pulling her closer. I should put her in the ground, not in my bed.
Now I don’t know which is worse: that this wild angel might have her hooks in me, or that I might just like them there…

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