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Fyre and Ash releases early!

Fyre and Ash releases early!

27 Oct 2023

And a FREE signed paperback, because bookmath?

What a roller coaster of a week! I've been: 

* planning for NanoWrimo, 

* booking promos and swaps for Fyre and Ash, 

* writing another few chapters of Masked Beast, 

* trying not to get my Patreon account shut down because of adult content, 

* and trying desperately to survive the first heat wave of summer (even though it's still technically spring)


On a positive note, if anyone is into sport, South Africa is playing against New Zealand in the rugby world cup on Saturday. Obviously I hope SA wins, but if they do, the entire country is going have a hangover on Sunday 😅

Now onto my bookish news of the week! You've been waiting with bated breath for Halloween night, when Fyre and Ash was meant to launch…but my ducks finally got themselves in a row, and let me release a few days early!


Just in time for the weekend, amiright? 


So if you love dark stalker romance (and I mean DARK!) then Fyre and Ash is the boxset for you! 

Never mind the gorgeous cover (although, come on, it's beautiful, right?) this collection comes with BRAND new bonus content featuring Gideon and Charlotte!


An excellent reason to pick up the boxset, even if you've read the series before!

If you've missed the news, I've rebooted my Patreon account and started posting chapters of my current WIP on a weekly basis for my fans to binge at their leisure. 


I usually only send out new release paperback rewards to patrons who were already members BEFORE the release date, but in honor of Spooky Season, I'm changing the rules! 


If you sign up for the Dark Romance Devotees tier on my Patreon by Halloween Night, I'll be sending you a bookplate-signed paperback of Fyre and Ash!!! 



1. A Patreon tier costs $15

2. I'm getting a signed paperback, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, access to early release chapters of WIPs, and one-on-one chats with my fave author…

3. Ergo…I'd be LOSING money if I didn't sign up. 


So if you'd like to see this pretty on your bookshelf (and, yes, the paperback version ALSO includes the kinky new bonus content!) then don't walk, RUN to join my Patreon 🖤

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