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House of Lies is LIVE

House of Lies is LIVE

13 Jun 2024

Kindle Unlimited fans rejoice!

Ah, release day. 


The tears, the panic attack, the laughter, the bottle of wine I'll consume tonight… 


Few things are as exciting, overwhelming, and nerve-wrecking as a book's release date. 


Will my readers love it? (all signs point to yes)

Did I leave in a super-embarrassing typo (yup…)

Will I question my entire life and writing career up to this point?



Every. Damn. Time.


But that's why I'm heading out to celebrate. So many things are outside of my control, but my sobriety ain't one of them. 


If you're on Kindle Unlimited, then this is the post you've been waiting for. Go on, help yourself to a generous helping of spice, a dash of dark, and some truly unforgettable characters…


To Ethan & Cassidy! 🥳

raises glass because it's 5'o clock somewhere in the damn world

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