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Masked Beast cover reveal!

Masked Beast cover reveal!

13 Oct 2023

Guys, I didn't know I needed this story in my life until the Wolf told Eliza:

“I can't forgive you for your sins. But I will make you pay for them."

I'm hooked.

Which means you're going to be hooked.

These two go together like Mentos and Coke. And I'm just sitting back and watching the fireworks like…what have I done?

This book will be releasing sometime in November. Hopefully sooner, but I'd rather not have to break that promise.

If you want to follow along chapter-by-chapter, then head over to my Patreon where I've added more chapters of Masked Beast for you to read.

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I hope to have another update soon, but for now, here's a little tease:

A muscular, tattooed arm jerks me off my feet.

I would have screamed, but his veiny hand slaps over my mouth before I've drawn enough oxygen into my lungs.

He was waiting for me.

The Wolf of Cinderhart staked out this hallway…and then struck when his prey least expected.

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