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Next Up…A Cruel Devil and some Forbidden Lessons…

Next Up…A Cruel Devil and some Forbidden Lessons…

22 Jun 2024

Who exactly is the Cruel Devil? Well that you'll have to find out when the third book in the Crime Family Affair series drops in a few weeks! 


Yes, you heard right. My muse has been grumping about this book for quite a while, so I caved in and started writing it a few weeks ago. Progress is slow but steady as I find my feet in Nyx and Savage's world. 


Hot damn, they know how to heat up a room! This is the most violent, action-packed, enemies-to-lovers cartel romance I've ever written, and their story feels like it's aged like a fine wine. 


Nyx is as volatile and stubborn as ever, and Savage? Oh, my fans herself he's just as lethally seductive as I remembered. 


More news on the last two books in this series, Cruel Devil and Forbidden Lessons, is coming in future newsletters! 


I'd highly recommend grabbing Savage Hero and Wild Angel to reacquaint yourself with the Crime Family Affair world before the third book drops!

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